Unless you’re riding in a bubble

Oct 27, 2011 | Bike Skills, Savvy Bike Events

YOU need this! You NEED this! You need THIS! what IS this? THIS is group riding skills and who better to teach you how to play nice with others than the expert coaches of Velo Girls Coaching Services!

Just this weekend at our Bike Skills 101 clinic, I was having a conversation with a number of participants about our upcoming co-ed Bike Skills 301 (pacelines + group riding) clinic. One of them stated that she would never ride in a paceline, even though she rides on her husband’s wheel all the time. Another stated that he loves riding centuries and would love to ride them faster but doesn’t like riding in close proximity to other riders. And yet another stated that he pacelines all the time but doesn’t always trust the riders he rides with.

Bike Skills 301 (pacelines + group riding skills) is the PERFECT clinic for all three of these cyclists (and probably for you, too)! Why? Because whether or not you ever race your bike, you’ll have the opportunity to ride with other riders at some point in your cycling career. Group riding is FUN! Group riding will help you ride longer and faster. And if you learn the skills, you’ll be a safer rider and can share your knowledge with your friends and other folks with whom you ride.

First, we teach you the science behind pacelining — draft theory. We teach you about energy savings and how to find the ideal position in relationship to other riders. We teach you how to find the wind (and how to protect yourself from it).

Then, we teach you how to be safe when pacelining — communication skills, how to safely position yourself and how to modulate your speed without having a negative impact on other riders.

And then we take it all out on the road and work on group riding skills, starting with two-rider partner drills and progressing to various types of pacelines and echelons.

So, unless you’re riding in a bubble, you’ll have lots of opportunities to ride with other riders, which means lots of opportunities to ride faster, longer, and safer by utilizing group riding skills.

Our last co-ed Bike Skills 301 clinic of 2011 will be held on November 6th in Woodside. I would highly encourage you to come and add some skills to your cycling toolbox. Bring your teammates, friends, or significant other so you can learn together and reinforce your learning. Register by October 30th and save $20!

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