Ride a bike? We’ve got an app for that!

Jan 20, 2010 | Bike Skills, Fitness & Nutrition, Racing, Savvy Bike Events

Savvy Bike is thrilled to announce our 2010 clinic + camp schedule! In 2009, we had more than 800 participants in our various programs. Almost all of our 2009 clinics sold-out weeks in advance, so I would encourage you to register early for any programs you’d like to participate in! I can’t wait to work with you in 2010.

Velo Girls Indoor Training Series – Feb 2nd – April 8th, 2010
Beat the winter blues with the return of our 10-week Cinderella indoor training series! Each 90 minute session will help you build strength, power, and speed and is the perfect compliment to your outdoor riding. Bring your bike, a towel, a couple of bottles, and your stationary trainer for this women’s-only training series held at Mike’s Bikes in Palo Alto. Space is limited so register today! BONUS! Register for the full series and receive one free registration to Bike Skills 101 (valid through June 30th, 2010) — a $105 value!

Tri-Flow Women’s Development Racing Program – Bariani Road Race — Feb 3rd – Mar 20th
The Tri-Flow Women’s Development Racing Program is designed to be a small, focused training program that teaches women how to road race and supports experienced racers who aren’t part of a season-long team. Because of the small group size, each woman will receive very personalized attention. This six-week program will prepare women to race in the Bariani Road Race in Zamora, providing both skills and fitness training. The entire group and coach will race together, and we’ll provide full logistical and strategic support on race day.

Bike Skills 101 – Fundamental Bike Handling Skills – Feb 13th, Mar 21st, Apr 24th, Jun 13th, 2010
sponsored by BicycleLawyer.com
This 4-hour clinic is the foundation of everything else you’ll learn on the bike. This is the clinic where we teach the old dogs new tricks and the newbies the fundamentals. You’ll learn about balance and weight distribution and how that affects your ability to ride your bike safely and confidently. We’ll learn skills like riding with no hands, emergency stops, and how to look behind you while holding your line, how to steer, and counter-steer. After just four hours, we guarantee you’ll be a better bike handler and have much more fun on the bike.

Bike Skills 102 – Fundamental Mountain Bike Skills
– Mar 28th, 2010
It’s time for a little dirty fun! We’ll teach you the basics (and not-so-basics) of balance, weight distribution, and how to use the terrain to your advantage. Learn to rock, roll, hop, and jump. Master the art of steep climbs. Learn to descend with confidence and skill. After just four hours, we guarantee you’ll be a better bike handler and have much more fun on the bike. This clinic is highly recommended for roadies who are racing cyclocross and would like to learn more about all-terrain riding.

Bike Skills 102 – Cyclocross Skills + Tactics – coming summer 2010
Have you been wondering what’s all the buzz about cyclocross? It’s a fun but challenging sport that’s beginner-friendly and appropriate for the entire family. And best of all, it’s happening at a park near you! In this four-hour clinic, you’ll learn all the skills needed to get started in this incredible sport, including mounts, dismounts, and how to shoulder and carry your bike. We’ll also share information about bikes & equipment, the local cyclocross racing scene, and how to train for a successful season. We’ll finish off the day with a simulated race and de-brief. You’ll need a mountain bike or a cyclocross bike for this clinic.

Bike Skills 201 – Climbing + Descending Skills
– Mar 21st, Apr 24th, Jun 13th, 2010
What goes up must come down, right? In this 4-hour clinic, we’ll teach you how to climb like a pro – seated climbs, standing climbs, short climbs, steep climbs, extended climbs. And then, we’ll teach you how to come back down again, focusing on a fast straight descent, and then a technical switchbacky descent. Pre-requisite: Bike Skills 101 or equivalent experience.

Bike Skills 301 – Group Riding Skills
– Apr 25th, 2010
Wheelsucking is an art! Whether you’re a racer or a recreational rider, group riding skills will help you ride longer, faster, and farther. We’ll learn draft theory and basic pacelines, beginning with partner work and progressing to more complex group riding skills and introductory racing techniques. Pre-requisite: Bike Skills 101 or equivalent experience.

Bike Skills 302 – Racing Skills + Tactics – May 8th, 2010
This four-hour clinic will teach you all the individual bike-handling and group riding skills you’ll need to race your first (or your 10th) criterium or road race. In addition to skills & drills, you’ll receive expert coaching on race preparation and logistics, and an introduction to tactics. We’ll finish the day with a training race followed by a de-brief. Pre-requisite: Bike Skills 101 or equivalent experience.

Bike Skills 303 – Advanced Racing Skills + Tactics – Feb 20th, 2010
Take your racing to the next level! In this 4-hour clinic, you’ll learn to “make the race” by incorporating individual and team tactics — and we’ll teach you the skills to do that! Bring your teammates for maximum learning. Liza Rachetto will be joining us as guest coach for this clinic. Pre-requisite: Bike Skills 302 or equivalent racing experience. Pre-requisite: Bike Skills 302 or equivalent experience.

Girls Got Skills sponsored by Jan Medina Real Estate – June 5th + 6th, 2010
This is our corner-stone clinic, and includes 16 hours of “you” time in the company of other cycling women. This clinic is a must-do for recreational cyclists and racers alike! We cover individual bike handling skills, group riding skills, climbing and descending, and training principles (including a time trial to determine heart rate training zones). You’ll walk away from this weekend with a renewed love for the bike and the cycling community!

Alpine Altitude Adventure (aka Death Ride Camp) – June 25th – 27th, 2010
This weekend camp is designed to help prepare participants for the rigors of endurance riding at high altitude. Based in Markleeville, CA, this camp is appropriate for Death Ride participants and others who wish to gain high altitude experience. Daily mileage options range from 25 – 75 miles. Registration fee includes camping (Friday + Saturday), SAG on rides, cycling nutrition, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Sunday breakfast, and lots of fun with cool folks. Thursday and Sunday night camping options available for a small fee. You are responsible for transportation to/from Markleeville, however participants will be encouraged to carpool.