Psst! Hey you! Over there! Yeah, you.

Feb 3, 2011 | Bike Skills, Racing, Savvy Bike Events

I know you’ve been thinking about it. you see everybody else doing it and they’re smiling and sweating and glowing with success. and you wonder if maybe you could do it, too.

guess what? you COULD do it!


bike racing.

since 2002, Velo Girls has been developing women bike racers. we teach them skills. we help them improve their fitness. we create a team-oriented environment. and we support them like the rock-stars they are.

in 2006, we introduced the Women’s Development Racing Program sponsored by Tri-Flow Lubricants aka the Tri-Flow Program. there had never been a program quite like this in the bike racing world. we won some awards for our innovative program. and since that time almost 80 women have learned to race their bikes and have continued to race their bikes as Elite and Masters-level athletes locally, regionally, and nationally.

so quit thinking about it and start doing it. yeah, you!

our first Tri-Flow Women’s Development Racing Program of 2011 begins in just a couple of weeks. we’ll train together twice a week, culminating in participation in the Bariani Road Race in beautiful Yolo, CA. we’ll learn lots of skills. we’ll do some high-intensity workouts to transform ourselves into road racing warriors. and we’ll learn about race preparation and tactics. and we’ll have fun. yeah, you!

and if you like racing, you’ll have the opportunity to continue with Team Velo Girls. if you find that bike racing isn’t your cup of tea, that’s okay, too — you can check this one off your bucket list and move onto swimming the English Channel, climbing Mt. Everest, or competing in an Ironman triathlon.

the first program of the 2011 season starts on February 16th. we’ve got a great group of women already registered and space for two more team members. yeah, you!

email for more information. yeah, YOU!