Links I Like — 30 December, 2011

Dec 30, 2011 | Just For Fun, Lifestyle & Inspiration

I find I do most of my reading online these days. You too, right? I have certain blogs I subscribe to and certain sites that I visit regularly. And then I find little tidbits here and there from my friends on Facebook + Twitter. Today’s links include one bicycle industry site and two non-bike sites. — I’ll admit, working in the bike industry, that this topic really hits a nerve with me and I’m thankful that Specialized Bicycle’s Mike Sinyard spoke out about it publicly. We’re all about “the deal” but that often hurts your locally-owned bike shop. Buy local, folks! Support the communities you live in. Zen Habits is one of my favorite blogs and I always pick up a practical tip or two to help improve my life. This post focuses on how to start a healthy habit and grow it into a healthy lifestyle. It’s okay to start small. Be patient. Invest in yourself! — Grist takes a humorous look at serious environmental stories. They often write about the impact of bicycles on the environment. This one’s as silly as most, but contains some “real” reasons why bicycling is an awesome way to improve your life. And thanks to Grist for the infographic (below) that went viral earlier this month.

Biking And Health

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