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Bike Fit

Bike Fit

Feel “one” with your bike

Savvy Bike offers bike fit for all outdoor and indoor bicycles including road, gravel, mountain, cyclocross, track, triathlon, time trial, and Peloton (sorry, no unicycles). We offer in-person bike fit at the Savvy Bike studio, located in Campbell, CA. We also provide virtual bike fit for stationary bikes (Peloton, Echelon, Schwinn, Keiser, etc) through Team Wilpers Coaching.

(60-90 minutes) Designed for the rider who wants to ensure their fit is comfortable, efficient ,and will help prevent injuries. This dynamic bike fit includes:

• Cleat Positioning (1 pair of shoes)

• Saddle Height
• Saddle Fore/Aft
• Handlebar Height
• Handlebar Fore/Aft

(3 hours) Ideal for the rider who is ready to take his or her riding to the next level, as well as riders with a unique riding background or medical history, with more personalized analysis. This more advanced fitting, utilizing the Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping system, includes:

• Extensive Rider History

• Flexibility Assessment
• Structural Assessment
• Cleat Positioning (up to 2 pair of shoes)
• Saddle Height
• Saddle Fore/Aft
• Handlebar Height
• Handlebar Fore/Aft
• Seatpost, Saddle, Stem, and Handlebar Swap if needed (additional cost for replacement parts)
• Additional Component Suggestions
• Riding Technique and Form Suggestions
• Detailed Post-Fit Report including Current Bike Geometry
• One Follow-up in the 4 Weeks after the Initial Fit

(2 hours) Are you interested in ordering a custom frame? Would you like to determine your size before you purchase a stock bike? Maybe you’d like to order from a direct-to-consumer brand like Canyon or Quintana Roo and want to ensure correct sizing and component choice. Either way, this is the fit for you if you want to invest in smart choices up front, BEFORE you order your new bike. We’ll utilize the Purely Custom Dynamic Fit Bike to dial in your customized bike dimensions, including frame size and components like bar, stem, seatpost and cranks. This fit appointment includes up to an hour or research/consultation on the bike(s) of your choice.

(1 hour) This is a complete touch-point fit including a Functional Movement Screening with assessment of flexibility, mobility and stability; cleat positioning; saddle fore-aft; and bar height. Available at the SAVVY BIKE studio on our Peloton Bike.

Can’t make it to San Jose? You can schedule your Virtual Peloton Fit with Lorri through Team Wilpers Coaching

“Attention to detail, ability to explain what and why adjustments were made to bike, easy-going nature — all made me comfortable and confident that I made the right decision to have my bike fit with Lorri!” 

Brian M.

“I love the bike fit and the new saddle. I feel like I’m riding more efficiently and faster. The saddle is comfy and doesn’t cause any discomfort at all.”

Diana T. 

“This was so much more than just a bike fit.  Lorri gave me valuable insights into riding technique, training, nutrition, and even some life coaching. She’s such an inspiration!”  

Thomas S. 

“Lorri fit me less than a week before a 120 mile bike event. Her fit was totally fantastic, with me riding the entire way in no pain or numbness. She was also great to talk to and very professional.”

Debbie B. 

“I’ve had many bike fits over the past 20 years with the best bike fitters around the world, and Lorri ranks at the top of the list!  She’s knowledgeable, humble, and personable.  And my bike fits me like a glove now!”

Charles F.

Need a Followup?

Returning customers can also book one of the followup fits






About Coach Lorri

With more than 20 years of bike fit experience, Coach Lorri is one of the most experienced fitters in California. She opened her own studio in 2001 and has also fit at various bike shops on the San Francisco peninsula and in Silicon Valley. She trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs with USA Cycling, as well as Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) and Specialized SBCU Body Geometry F.I.T. and R.E.T.U.L. She holds certifications in both road and triathlon bike fit from Fit Institute Slowtwitch (F.I.S.T) and shoe/pedal interface from Bikefit/Cyclepoint. She is also a United Bicycle Institute (UBI) Certified Bicycle Technician.

She has a full-service fitting studio in Campbell, CA. She carries a wide range of Ritchey bars, stems, and seatposts, and Specialized Body Geometry saddles. Most component changes can be completed during your bike fit appointment.

Lorri also provides virtual Peloton bike fit services for Team Wilpers Coaching, expanding her reach to indoor cyclists around the world.