A Bike Boom Equals a Bike Fitting Boom

Having worked in the bike industry almost 20 years now, I’ve never seen such an increase in ridership.  When the world shut down for COVID-19 six months ago, brick and mortar retailers were terrified that this might mean the end of their business.  But bike...

Training During Wildfire Season

As a coach, I’m often asked about training in poor air conditions. I’ll be honest with you, I love my lungs. I’d like to have maximum lung capacity for as long as possible in my life. I’ve also got a lifetime history of respiratory illness, so...
California Poppies are Always in Season!

California Poppies are Always in Season!

By special request, we’ve brought back one of my all-time favorite designs from Pactimo. We even designed a really sweet California Poppies mask! https://teamstore.pactimo.com/stores/savvy_bike/show  

Just Added: Bike Skills 101 and 201 on Sept. 12th

Due to smaller clinic sizes and increased demand, we’ve sold out our August 23rd clinics and added another set on September 12th.  Don’t hesitate!  Register now before these sell out, too! http://savvybike.eventbrite.com  

Just Added – Bike Skills 101 + 201 on August 1st

Due to popular demand, we’ve added additional Bike Skills 101 (fundamental bike handling skills) and Bike Skills 201 (climbing + descending skills) clinics on Saturday, August 1st. Registration:  http://savvybike.eventbrite.com  ...